Monday, August 17, 2009

opening night of State of Flux

Congressman Tim Bishop shares a laugh with painter Debbie Ma & her husband Walter Gezari

detail of a work on canvas

Dave Kapell & Debbie Ma

Dave Kapell & Fred Tedeschi

The Book Scout!

Martha Johnson

Owen Morrell in animated conversation

Osa, sculptor Kristian Iglesias, Eileen Kapell, & Julia Smith

David Bauer & Francine Monaco

Carolie Jenner, Floyd Memorial Library Director Lisa Richland, Martha Johnson

Rosemary Gabriel

beautiful flower arrangement provided by Clawflowers

Joyce Beckenstein meets the artist

Rachel Maceiras, Eileen Kapell, & Michael Donovan

Patrick Calkins

Poppy Johnson in front of one of Ma's works

Arden Scott chats with Debbie Ma

all photographs copyright 2009 Megan Barron


mary jane said...

great show!!!
we had a lovely time and really enjoyed the artwork!
mary jane

kookaburra said...

wow, this was a good show. i'm revisiting it nearly two years later & it still looks great.